Monday, 3 October 2011

Welcome to the WriMos FTW Site!

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It’s finally October, which means National Novel Writing Month is just round the corner! And how could I resist the temptation of starting a new site solely on the topic of NaNoWriMo? I mean to resist this urge, I’d have to be:

a) the non-obsessive type;
b) the annoying gal who only blogs about NaNo for 3 months;
c) the sane person, who doesn’t start a site during the busiest time of year;

And since I am none of the above, there it is –finally—a magical place where all your NaNoWriMo cravings (and mine) can be satiated in blog form. So when you’re not raving on the forums or blogging at the comfort of your own blog (or actually writing your novel), come and join the NaNoWriMo guest-blogging hoopla here!

(Say this 100 times faster, then backwards, and finish with a cartwheel. I dare you!)

Now, if you’re unfamiliar with the concept of NaNoWriMo, it’s something a guy named Chris Baty started back in 1999. Basically, it’s about writing 50,000 words in 30 days. If you’re a writer in a rut, or if you want to use this time to set an even higher goal, OR if you just feel like there’s a story somewhere inside of you, then you should DEFINITELY sign up. Why? Because in my humble opinion, there is nothing quite as challenging and exhilarating as NaNo.

The thrill of joining a writing marathon and competing with fellow wordsmiths is fantastic! Whether you’ve outlined your story or you’re winging it, the thought of crossing that finish line is mighty tempting, is it not? And not only do you have a clear goal in mind, but you also have a large community of like-crazed lunatics who are willing to cheer you on, help you out, and support you throughout the whole of November, AND BEYOND.

Whenever does that happen? You see, this is why I cannot wait for it to start again!

As for this site, it’s merely another place where you can go as crazy as you’d like because we all know what you’re on about. What is more, you won’t get kicked out of here or called crazy or antisocial and obsessive. You’d be just like everyone else.

But before we kick-start this, I was hoping that you’d read the Guidelines page up there and see if you’d like to share anything on the given themes. Right now, we’re starting off with pep talks, past successes, and overall pre-nano jitters as it is fitting to this time.

The beauty of this site is: anyone can post! Yes, you too!

One post a day, six days a week, for as long as you guys can take it. And apart from the daily posts by uber-talented bloggers/writers (yes, you again), there will also be fun contests in November! But don’t worry… I wouldn’t dare make them long and tiresome. After all, we all have a frigging novel to write!

So after you’ve done reading the Guidelines, you can hop on the Buddy Up express, where all you have to do is leave a link to your NaNo profile, so we can check you out and, well, buddy up! (I’m Lyn Midnight over there if you want to add me.)

And finally, stick around for tomorrow’s wonderfully inspiring post by my dear friend Alivia Anders, who never fails to amuse me with her quick mind and crazy wordsmith-ing skills.

BUT WAIT! Don’t go, I’m obviously not finished. DUH!

Now it’s your turn to step up! Don’t be creepy lurkers, tells us about you, your novel, and your plans for November. And don’t forget to spread the love!

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